New Logo Announcement

By Ellis and Company Retirement Strategists | August 30, 2019 | New Logo 

When designing our logo, we wanted something that best represents us and our values. Authenticity, Loyalty, Honesty, Sincerity, Creativity, Reliability, Enthusiasm, Legacy.

Today we are sharing our updated brand identity, which includes a new logo. You’ll see our new look everywhere, our office, our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube… etc. We believe the new look better expresses who we are.

The Logo

The idea of our new logo is that we each draw our own future for ourselves. The feather is a metaphor for our lives. While we can be blown around by the wind, we always have a choice of how we respond. We strive to see the bigger picture and understand what truly matters. When preparing for the future, we want to treat it as a well-managed asset.

The Feather

For many people, the feather may represent flight, travel, or freedom. For us, it means reaching for new heights and accomplishing goals that may have, at one point, seemed unreachable. The feather is also a quill pen that symbolizes the commitment we have to everyone we work with.

The Leaf

Parents must invest their love, knowledge, and life into their children to best prepare them for a successful life. Success does not exist without nurturing. The leaf is meant to signify the effort needed for growth, prosperity, and progress to emerge.

We hope our new logo speaks to you as it does to us and represents our values.


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