You have real questions. We have real answers.

  • How do you get paid?

    After listening to our clients for years, what we’ve heard is they value straight-forward, predictable, and reasonable costs.

    The high quality services our team provides is packaged into an easy to understand cost. Every year, month, and week can be very different. We partner with our clients for life, so you can count on us no matter what happens.

    We believe it is best when your interests and ours are the same. Our cost is based on a small percentage of the assets we manage. This allows you to be confident that we are putting you first. With eliminating any potential conflicts of interest, you know when we share our advice you can trust it is what is best for you and your family.

    This allows you have straight-forward & predictable cost, so that you know if a special situations comes up in the year, whether it is estate planning, finding ways to offset taxes, preparing to take income from your investments for the first time, or any number of other items, you will not be surprised with a unexpected bill.

  • Why should you work with us?

    You likely don’t care how much we know, until you know how much we care. Within minutes of meeting our team you’ll notice we are thoughtful, approachable, and enthusiastic.

    We invest time into understanding you and your goals. Only then will we be able to build a personalized investment strategy for you.

    Kathy is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and has built strategies for the most complex scenarios. She has nearly 30 years of experience helping people reach their financial goals.

    Eric began his career learning from some of the industries top investment management companies. He learned directly from portfolio managers and that experience has proven to be immeasurable.

    Our clients work with us because we genuinely care about them.

  • How do would you help me reach my goals?

    To help you reach your goals we must first understand them. You can expect us to invest time into asking questions and understanding you, your goals, and your unique circumstances. We will build a personalized investment strategy tailored to achieve your unique goals.

    We keep frequent communication and make adjustments when necessary. The smartest financial strategy turns foolish if it ignores the changing environment around it. That is why we keep in touch and ask you to let us know when major events happy in your life.

    Honest Feedback. You can count on us to share with you if any adjustments need to be made.

  • What investments do we use?

    The investments we use are similar to tools in a tool belt. Some circumstances call for a screwdriver while others call for a tape measure.

    We create personalized investment strategies around your goals and your life. We then use the appropriate tool or tools to solve for the circumstance.

    What we do not do, is use a one size fits all approach. We do not squeeze everyone we work with into a one size fits all strategy. We believe there is a better way to help you reach your goals.

    You can count on us to use our talent, experience, and knowledge to use the right tools, at the right time, for the right reasons.

  • What is your process?
    1. Learn about each other

    This is the time for us to get to know you and also for you to get to know us. There is no such thing as too many questions. Our first meeting or conversation will be first to get to know and understand what you wish to accomplish. We can there help determine if we are best suited to help you get there.

    2. Build a personalized strategy

    We cannot build a personalized strategy without first understand you. Our evaluates your goals and resources then analyzes the potential challenges you could encounter. The result is a tailored retirement strategy built for you, no one else.

    3. Implement

    We then put to strategy into action.

    4. Assess and monitor

    You can expect to have an in depth meeting at least every year. This is critical to keeping your strategy on track. Subtle adjustment can come up from time to time. Even though we may only speak a few times a year, our team has an detailed process to monitor, evaluate, and adjust several times throughout the year.

  • What are your services?


    • Legacy and multigenerational family planning
    • Asset allocation & portfolio creation
    • Investment Evaluations i.e stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities… etc.
    • Income Preparing & Implementing
    • Risk Analysis
    • Cost Assessment
    • Estate planning
    • Financial planning
    • Tax Loss Harvesting
    • Tax Efficiency Maximization
    • Trusts (both living and special needs)
    • Retirement planning
    • Social Security Assessment
    • Charitable Giving
    • Saving for College Expenses