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A heart attack patient doesn’t get up off the gurney and run down the hall. They need time to heal. The market is having its own heart attack right now and will likely need time to recover.

Our team has been working late into the night, every night, since late February researching and reevaluating. We have been making some subtle adjustments to navigate these swings. We are confident we are nearing the end of a bottoming process. This is what the bottom feels like. Emotions are overriding rationality. People are covering themselves head to toe in garbage bags, they are using bras as homemade facial masks, and you can’t find toilet paper anywhere!

The media is not on your team.

It seems their purpose is to scare the general public into making poor emotion-based decisions. Which is creating selling stampedes in the market. Some commentators are predicting even larger swings to the downside, which I can’t help but laugh at because those same critics never saw the decline coming in the first place.

Remember this: the media’s job is to keep you watching. The best way they know how to do that is by fear. The more people watch the more ads they can sell.

We are on your team.

We will make it through this together.

When we created your investment strategy, we invested the time to understand you, your goals, and your unique circumstances. Your goals have not changed. You will be able to accomplish them. We knew times like this would happen. We just didn’t know when. We have survived worse conditions than this. Better yet we have thrived through worse conditions than this. European debt crisis, 9/11 terrorist attacks, and the 2008 financial crisis we not only endured them all, we flourished.

This too shall pass.

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